About Us & Our Newest Equipment

Union Music provides the very latest in coin-operated amusement devices. Specializing in sports bars, and night clubs. All service, maintenance, updates, league promotion and coordination comes out of our end…with no expense to the bar owner!!!

Here is some of the equipment you may choose to have in your establishment:

Internet Juke Boxes

These are the ultimate in new technology, allowing you to access thousands of songs directley from the web. You’ll be shocked at how often people choose this option, even though it costs more. Plus we can pre-load the equivalent of 300 cd’s for regular play. This piece also takes bills, up to $20 denominations.

Our jukeboxes are set up with the most recent hit music along with your song request. We wire your entire bar and ensure very good stereo sound quality.

Pool Tables

The Great 8 is the latest in a long line of Valley Pool tables. The top of the line in coin/op pool tables. They are equipped with a one piece Italian slate that is groundto perfection, within 1/1000 microns, for a perfect roll during any game. We also refelt 2 or 3 times a year, depending on the useage. This game is alson equipped with a bill acceptor that takes up to $20 denominations.

We also offer leagues that we run for you, either Travel or In-House. Get a team/s together & we do the rest. We have been running VNEA pool leagues for over 20 years. Also the people who play on these get qualified to go to our State & National tournaments, if they wish.

Golden Tee Golf Games

The Golden Tee game is probably our best collecting game. The latest version includes all the previous courses since  Golden Tee Live the game was introduced, that adds up to 30 – 40 different courses, which customers who play this game love. It also offers lots of other Live features, such as posting great shots on Youtube & live competition for cash prizes. Plus Union Music offers a bi-annual tournament called Play-N-Win, just for local players that play on our games. This contest generally has a $10,000+ pool of prizes & cash!! We also offer to run leagues for these games.

Galaxy 3 Dart Boards.

The Galaxy 2 is the basis for all our paperless Dart Leagues. Arachnid has lead the pack in the industry for a long time. We have been running leagues at Union Music for over 20 years & plan to keep on doing so for the forseeable future. Dart & Pool leagues are an easy way for you to grow a customer base of regulars. Get some customers to agree to join, get the name & phone number to us & we take care of it from there.

Touch Screen Games

These offer hundreds of different games for you customers to play. These are updated quite frequently & we keep up with newer versions as they come out. Get yours today!

Redemption Games

Various Sports Games

Multicade Classic Games & ATM’s










Union Music has enjoyed a fine reputation for forty years, as we are known for our prompt service. We understand that downtime on equipment is lost revenue for us and our customer!!

Union Music is the largest in tavern sports leagues! We operate dart, pool, foosball and Golden Tee 3D Golf Leagues. Union Music is sanctioned through the National Dart Association, Valley National 8-Ball Association and Valley International Foosball Association. Players receive achievement pins, magazines, etc. Also, sanctioned league players receive tournament eligibility at the state and national levels.

The league season is divided into fall, winter, and summer sessions with new teams being able to join in at the start of a new session (season). Fall season starts in September, with the winter season beginning the second week of January.

Leagues bring in a minimum of 8-10 people and a league match lasts no less than two hours. The average team (4 people) spend approximately $40 per night plus their coins! One team home each week can add up to $1,500 in additional revenue in one season.

Overall, league play is beneficial to a bar, as people enjoy the competition and like to test their skills against one another. Leagues also expose a bar to many new people.

With people drinking noticeably less today, it is important to promote with as many different activities as possible. Darts, pool, foosball and all tavern sports leagues really do help generate additional bar revenues on some of the slower nights of the week.

What is the responsibility of the bar owner? Just talk to the different customers as you see them playing a game of darts or pool! Have your staff ask these people if they would like to come out one night a week for some fun and friendly competition. That is all you have to do, Union Music will take care of everything else!

We ask that you please take the time to look through our website, and notice that we are accredited by national agencies, and continue to work hard on having a strong, personalized web presence to go along with our tavern and league presence. Do not hesitate to view our message board, and contact us with any questions.

If you are interested in advertising on UnionMusic.net, please contact us by e-mail!