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Qualifying Dates:

MVNEA States : June 1st to March 1st

VNEA National Vegas: June 1st to March 31st

We will be posting all eligible qualifying seasons of “Union Music League” stats for State & National Tournaments here on our site. These will be updated every season to let “you” look up people to see if they have enough games in, or to see how many they need, before each deadline.

The Final stats will then remain up until they become irrelevant, or are replaced by the following year’s relevant stats. Hopefully this will take the burden off “us” constantly looking up how many games any person played toward any minimums needed.

This takes up way too much of our staff’s time, and puts an unnecessary work load on their shoulders (1 person in particular), plus hopefully it makes it easier for you to form your teams.

We run leagues, not tournaments. You qualify for play thru our leagues, and we assist you with signing up. Tournament eligibility was meant to grow our league system, not to increase tournament play. Somehow that’s been overlooked. We are more about our league community than tournament participation.

This will be happening over the next few days or weeks as we make necessary changes.

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