Union Music Dart Leagues

League will consist of 6 to 10 teams that will last from 14 to 18 weeks long (depending on number of teams). There will be three seasons per year beginning in January, May, and September.

Teams consist usually of four players per team, some cricket leagues are two player leagues.

League formats are generally 301, cricket or possibly a combination of games. Women’s, men’s, open and mixed doubles leagues are available depending on the night of the week.

Weekly dues are $9.00 per player, per week.

Each league match consists of 16 games with $3.00 being paid for each team win in a four team division and $1.50 being paid for each win in a two man division.

A league party with individual awards, & bar plaques, is included with the payback. ( Except for Summer session ).

All players who have their minimum amount of weeks required are eligible to play in the Michigan state championships as well as the NDA’s Team Dart Tournament In Las Vegas.
Some funds are available to help our league players with their expenses.

League Coordinator, Dave Course, is available on league nights to answer your questions with rules, etc.

Cell: 313-570-0575
Office: 313-886-SHOT(7468)

Important note * Dart boards in league locations must be owned and operated by Union Music Company.